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Illumitex is leveraging years of industry knowledge on digital horticulture to focus on visual imaging AI technology by becoming FarmVisionAI. Join us by exploring our new website to find out how FarmVisionAI will work with you to improve your indoor grow.

Horticulture Science at Scale

Increased productivity, cost reduction, and on demand visual access to your grow facility. 

FarmVisionAl employs computer vision machine learning algorithms to detect plant health issues in real time. 

Plant problems? There's an App for that

We are developing specific algorithms and applications for every plant health issue there is. If you can visually identify the problem, we can train the computer to identify it and alert you so you don't have to. 

Flower Detection

Wilt Detection

Harvest Prediction

Labor Tracking

Digital Note Taking

Historical Timeline

Nutrient Deficiency Detection

Daily Report

Increased Yield

"Google Earth"- like Viewing Tools

“I spend at least 6-8 hours a week traveling back and forth to facilities. I have to see the plants and analyze the grow data because there's always communication issues between the other growers and I on what is really happening. With FarmVisionAI I can login remotely and see the plants. ”

Tom Haffly

Temescal Wellness, Worcester, MA

“Although we're still in our first cycle with FarmVisionAI, we are truly impressed with the high quality images captured of our canopies and the daily updates from horticulturalists who have already alerted us to potential problems that we were able to to quickly address.”

Drew Stuart

High Desert Relief, Alburquerque, NM 

AI Starter Kit


  • 90 days Free FarmVisionAI Software Trial
  • 5 Cameras (max coverage area per camera: 10x10)
  • Server
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Gateway


Award from Fast Company

Sept 30th, 2020

News Article with Greenhouse Grower

Oct 12th, 2020

Press Release

July 6th, 2020

FarmVisionAI, by Illumitex, the digital horticulture company, announces the release of a self-installed AI Starter Kit to assist growers who want implement or experiment with visual imaging AI technology in their grow. The AI Starter Kit introduces an approachable way for any size grower to gather valuable real-time data on their plants and learn how to use visual analysis as a tool to grow better plants and improve their business... [read more]

Wilt Detection

Knocked Over Plant

Clogged Emitter Detection

Knocked Over Plant

Post-Trim Clean Up





Grow with the Level of Artificial Intelligence Software that 

Works for You

All of FarmWatch

AI Detections

Nutrition Deficiency Detection

Flower Detection

Harvest Prediction

Daily Report

Included in 90 Day Free Trial



All of FarmWatch

Expert Horticultural advice

All of DigitalScout

Remote Scouting

AI Validation

Daily Report

Included in 90 Day Free Trial

See all your plants in a “Google Earth”- like application.  

Daily Images

Zoom, pan, and scout from your laptop or mobile device

Learn How Computer Vision will Provide Real-Time Output Data on Your Plants

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers:

The starter kit comes with 5 cameras. You can put one over a 4' x 4', 6' x 6' and even up to a 10' x 10' area. Some people even place a dedicated camera pointed at the digital read out of their environmental parameters.

How many cameras do I need?

You own your own images which is why we put the server onsite. Your image data is valuable on its own. As we continue to build more algorithms and applications, sharing your images with us will allow us to provide even more value through our AI.

Who owns the images?

There is no software contract. You can upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at anytime. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee on the hardware.  

Is there a contract for the software?

Your first monthly bill for FarmWatch is due 30 days after the platform is installed and you have access to it. You then have an additional 60 days free for Digital Scout and the Hort Support services. Some customers also opt to just stick with the Farmwatch service to have constant access to the grow so you don't need to upgrade.  

When do I pay my first bill? 

Want to start with a larger installation? 

Give us some details so we can get you an accurate quote.

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